2019 Chevrolet Colorado PU/EC Power Train Failures

Concerns over faulty powertrain issues in the 2020 Chevrolet Colorado PU/EC have been raised by multiple consumers within recent years. Reports of excessive shuttering and shaking when shifting gears, significant delays when moving from a stop, and sudden acceleration are causing drivers to seek answers and solutions from the manufacturer. However, Chevrolet has yet to issue a single safety recall affecting this model, leaving people without sufficient information or permanent fixes.

Many consumers described frequent shuttering and shaking when the vehicle changed gears. In many cases, there will be long delays between shifts, but then the vehicle will suddenly and rapidly accelerate—sometimes from 10 to 80 miles per hour. One driver explained that his 2019 Chevrolet Colorado often experiences a delayed downshift, which causes the truck to lurch forward during a stop. There is often a loud mechanical noise that accompanies this jump forward. So far, these concerned drivers have not found a clear solution for these persistent problems.

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