2019 Audi Q8 SUV Loss of Power Issues

In recent months, numerous consumer complaints from those who own or lease the 2019 Audi Q8 SUV AWD have emerged regarding the vehicle’s tendency to suddenly lose power or experience engine shut-off. Although the manufacturer has issued two recalls for this vehicle, they do not seem to address these specific concerns. From sudden and inexplicable loss of power to a severe lag in acceleration, consumers are voicing their frustrations over these persistent problems while awaiting clear answers and effective solutions.

One driver detailed how the auto start/stop feature seems to create an extreme lag when restarting the engine, which can be dangerous at congested crossings or roundabouts, or when making left turns. Other owners remarked that the engine sometimes shuts off completely when the vehicle is coasting to a stop, and the acceleration tends to lag for several seconds when the pedal is depressed. Many drivers stated that these issues have caused them to nearly crash on multiple occasions, and they continue to share their concerns about the vehicle’s overall safety.

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