2019-2020 Ford Edge SUV Steering and Braking System Issues

Those who own or lease a 2019-2020 Ford Edge SUV should know that multiple customers have lodged safety concern over persistent steering and braking system issues. From steering columns that lock up or fail to respond properly to unresponsive brakes to brakes that engage suddenly and without warning, Ford customers are expressing their frustration over these defects. Although the manufacturer has issued two recalls affecting these vehicles, neither recall addresses braking or steering issues.

One owner of a 2019 Ford Edge SUV described their surprise when the vehicle’s braking system randomly engaged and slammed on the brakes, abruptly stopping the vehicle. According to this driver, the vehicle has experienced this issue on more than five occasions, without explanation or a clear diagnosis from the dealer. Another driver reported persistent steering issues; when the driver found the steering wheel was not responding properly, they engaged the brakes, which also failed to respond. Other Ford customers have described similar issues, yet many still await clear answers and permanent solutions.

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