2018 Toyota Sienna Van Powertrain Issues

Numerous consumer complaints have recently emerged regarding powertrain issues in the 2018 Toyota Sienna Van. To date, there have been six recalls on this vehicle, but many drivers are still struggling with a range of problems, mostly involving the powertrain. From sudden, inexplicable deceleration to significant delays in response time, many transmission and powertrain malfunctions are prompting drivers to demand answers and permanent fixes.

One driver reported a number of instances where she was driving her 2018 Toyota Sienna Van at a speed of 45 miles per hour with the accelerator pedal depressed, but the power seemed to lag and the van began to decelerate quickly. On other occasions, the engine began to rev suddenly when in reverse, even when the vehicle was in Park mode. Several other complaints about engines that fail to accelerate or that fail to respond properly continue to crop up, and drivers continue to wait for clear answers to these recurring acceleration and power issues.

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