2018 BMW X5 SUV Powertrain Malfunction

Customers who own or lease a 2018 BMW X5 SUV may experience persistent powertrain issues. In recent months, numerous complaints from BMW consumers have arisen, with many people expressing concern over transmissions and engines that fail to respond or engage as intended. In some cases, drivers have experienced momentary engine stalling while the vehicle is in motion. Although the manufacturer has issued a total of four safety recalls so far, many BMW customers are still experiencing these repeated transmission and powertrain issues.

One owner of a 2018 BMW X5 SUV stated that his car stalled during stop and go rush hour traffic. The car failed to move forward while in “drive” mode, but there was enough momentum to steer the vehicle to the shoulder of the road. The dealer found that the entire transmission needed to be replaced, even though the car only had 72,000 miles on it. Other drivers have reported similarly frustrating incidents, prompting them to share their concerns about the vehicle’s overall safety. A number of these customers are still searching for clear answers and permanent solutions.

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