2018 BMW X3 SUV Electrical System Failures

In recent months, multiple customer complaints about electrical system issues have arisen from those who drive or lease the 2018 BMW X3 SUV. From electronic dashboards that suddenly and completely shut off to misfiring warning lights to backup cameras failing for no reason, these electrical system issues continue to cause customers concern for their safety. So far, nine recalls have been issued impacting this make and model, two of which concern electrical system failures. However, many customers have not received permanent solutions to these recurring problems.

One owner of the 2018 BMW X3 SUV reported that the electronic dashboard completely shut off while the car was traveling along at 60 miles per hour. When it restarted a few minutes later, it failed to display the correct speed. Even after taking the vehicle to the dealership, the issue has occurred on at least two more occasions. Another BMW customer detailed repeated failures with the rearview camera. A visit to the dealer resulted in a repair, but this repair has failed to stop the blackouts from repeating. Many other customers have voiced similar frustrations about repeated electrical system failures.

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