2018 BMW 4 Series Engine Issues

If you own or lease a 2018 BMW 4 Series and you’ve experienced engine issues, you are not alone. In recent months, numerous complaints from concerned customers have arisen, with many people reporting recurring engine problems. From engine lights that illuminate suddenly and for no reason to engines that are at an increased risk of catching fire, BMW customers are looking for clear answers and permanent fixes to these concerning issues.

According to one owner of a 2018 BMW 4 Series, their vehicle’s engine light has illuminated on several occasions. However, every time they take the car in for an inspection, the dealer cannot locate any issues. Other engine issues, such as engines that sputter, stall, or shut off have also been reported. One driver even had their engine catch fire for no apparent reason. While no one was injured, this harrowing incident underscores the need for answers to these engine issues.

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