2018-2020 Toyota Tundra PU/CC Braking System Failures

Those who own or lease a 2018-2020 Toyota Tundra PU/CC should know that several customer complaints regarding braking system failures have cropped up in recent months. Numerous reports of unresponsive brakes, excessive amounts of leaking brake fluid, and other braking issues have been reported by drivers concerned for their safety. So far, the manufacturer has issued six recalls affecting this vehicle, but these recalls do not address the braking system. For now, customers are left waiting for clear answers to these recurring braking problems.

One of the most common customer complaints about the 2018-2020 Toyota Tundra PU/CC involves disconnected or malfunctioning trailer brakes. According to one driver, the truck’s integrated brake controller randomly disconnects the vehicle from the trailer when attempting to brake, causing smoking tires and a burning smell. Even after several trips to the dealership regarding this same issue, the owner has yet to receive a diagnosis or solution. Other reports of brake pedals that fail to respond when depressed have also arisen, prompting many Toyota customers to voice their concerns about the truck’s overall safety.

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