2018-2020 Ford Expedition EL Extended SUV Braking Failures

In recent months, a number of Ford customers have voiced their concerns over faulty braking systems in their 2018-2020 Ford Expedition EL Extended SUVs. Brakes that fail to engage properly or that emit loud squealing or popping noises have left customers without clear explanations or fixes to these persistent braking issues. Six safety recalls currently affect these vehicles, yet the manufacturer has yet to address or acknowledge braking issues in particular.

One owner of a 2018 Ford Expedition EL Extended SUV described how she tried to stop the car, but the brakes failed to respond and fell to the floor. Instead of slowing down, the vehicle sped up and she had to throw the car into park mode in order to stop the vehicle. Another driver shared a similar experience in which the vehicle continues to move forward even when park mode is engaged. Other people have shared worrisome accounts, like a customer whose 2019 Ford Expedition EL Extended SUV failed to stop when the brake pedal was depressed, causing the vehicle to crash into the back of another car.

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