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2018-2019 Honda Fit 5 Electrical System Issues

Those who own or lease a 2018-2019 Honda Fit 5 should know that a number of consumer complaints regarding these vehicles have been lodged in recent months. Most of the complaints describe significant issues with the electrical system. So far, the manufacturer has yet to issue a safety recall affecting this vehicle, leaving many Honda customers with lingering questions and persistent electrical system malfunctions.

A common complaint from drivers of the 2018-2019 Honda Fit 5 pertains to a fuel and mileage gauge that fails to display on multiple occasions. Drivers report feeling unsafe when they cannot see the fuel display to determine how much gas is in the tank. Even after multiple trips to the dealership, consumers continued to experience this frustrating problem. Other complaints about seat warmers that grow excessively hot for no reason and scrambled or vacant displays continue to emerge, prompting consumers to voice their concerns and their desire for permanent solutions.

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