2018-2019 Honda Civic SI Persistent Engine Issues

Drivers who own or lease a 2018 or 2019 Honda Civic SI should be aware of a high volume of customer complaints regarding persistent engine failures in these makes and models. Reports of engine cylinders misfiring, clutch failures, and water leakage continue to arise, even though the manufacturer has not acknowledged these concerns. Affected Honda customers are still waiting for the clear answers and lasting fixes they need to feel safe behind the wheel once again.

The driver of a 2018 Honda Civic SI reported that they were driving their car at approximately 20 miles per hour when several unknown warning lights suddenly illuminated and the engine started to idle loudly for no reason. The dealer was unable to identify an underlying issue, but similar instances of the engine stalling or misfiring have occurred. Other Honda customers have described similar concerns about leaking engines, burning clutch systems, and other persistent engine troubles, even though the manufacturer has remained silent on these issues.

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