2018-2019 GMC Sierra Denali Braking Problems

A number of consumer complaints have emerged over the last several months from those who own or lease a 2018 or 2019 GMC Sierra Denali. The majority of these complaints describe a range of braking issues, from random and inaccurate error messages to brakes that failed to slow the vehicle when depressed. It appears that the remote starting feature is typically involved in these braking issues and electrical system problems. So far, GMC has yet to issue a single recall that affects this make and model, leaving drivers with lingering questions about the cause of their braking malfunctions and without clear or effective solutions.

Several drivers described how they used their remote app to start their vehicles, but when they sat in the driver seat and depressed the brake, a number of warning and error messages suddenly illuminated. These messages ranged from “brake system failure” to “speed limited to 62 mph,” among others. After restarting the vehicle several times, the error messages turned off for some drivers, although some complaints note that they all illuminated once again after the vehicle was in motion. One owner said that the braking error came on and then the brakes stopped functioning altogether. The driver was able to use full-body force on the brake pedal to compel the vehicle to decelerate from 30 mph to a complete stop. Similar experiences of drivers of the 2018-2019 GMC Sierra Denali have been reported, and many are concerned about the safety risks associated with such braking failures.

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