2017 Volkswagen Passat Braking System Problems

Those who own or lease a 2017 Volkswagen Passat should be aware of multiple customer concerns regarding persistent and inexplicable braking system issues in these vehicles. Reports of brakes failing to engage or respond when the brake pedal is depressed continue to arise from frustrated Volkswagen customers searching for answers. Although the manufacturer has issued six distinct safety recall campaigns impacting this make and model, only one concerns braking system issues. However, many customers continue to struggle with braking problems even after obtaining the recommended recall repairs.

The owner of a 2017 Volkswagen Passat expressed concern about the brake pedal locking up entirely when lightly pressed. Another driver explained that their car shakes and shudders, and the brakes seem overly sensitive when depressed slightly. Many other drivers have reported braking systems that engage suddenly without warning, nearly causing collisions in some cases. For now, many Volkswagen customers are left waiting for the answers they need to feel comfortable operating their vehicles.

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