2017 GMC Canyon PowerTrain Issues

Those who are purchasing or leasing a truck or sport utility vehicle are trusting that these heavy vehicles will be responsive to braking and acceleration. However, for owners of the 2017 GMC Canyon, a variety of engine, transmission, and powertrain issues have been reported. From reports of the truck’s engine losing power for no apparent reason to descriptions of grinding and unresponsive transmission, consumers are frustrated by these issues that have yet to be officially diagnosed or repaired.

Many individuals have found that their 2017 GMC Canyons had suffered from torque converters that had gone bad prematurely. After as few as 12,000 miles, some vehicles needed their torque converters replaced. One individual described pressing on the accelerator to increase the speed up to 45 mph, which caused the transmission to rattle and shudder badly. After a mechanic found that the torque converter had failed and replaced the old one with a newer one, he mentioned that this appeared to be a common problem and that it would likely fail again. Several other similar complaints about shuddering transmissions and failing engines due to damaged torque converters have emerged, indicating that this is indeed a fairly common issue.

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