2017 BMW X5 Transmission and Powertrain Issues

Those who own or lease a 2017 BMW X5 should know that a number of customer complaints have emerged in recent months regarding transmission and powertrain issues. Reports of engines that suddenly lose power, suffer persistent electrical system malfunctions, or experience hazardous acceleration issues continue to arise from concerned BMW customers. Although the manufacturer has issued four distinct safety recalls impacting this vehicle, many customers continue to experience persistent transmission and engine problems.

One owner of the 2017 BMW X5 reported that his vehicle’s transmission broke down without warning while traveling on a city road. The engine completely lost power, but the driver was able to avoid a collision by pulling the car to the side of the road. Another driver reported that they have taken their vehicle into the dealer for service on five separate occasions over the past year, as they’ve experienced a number of powertrain and transmission issues. The owner still feels unsafe when driving the vehicle, as it has shut off when travelling at highway speeds and put the driver and others at increased risk of crash. For now, many BMW customers still wait for clear and lasting solutions to these persistent issues.

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