2017-2020 Kia Rio Steering and Suspension Issues

Consumer complaints regarding the 2017-2020 Kia Rio continue to emerge, many of which focus on steering, suspension, and powertrain issues. ALthough the manufacturer has not issued a safety recall impacting this vehicle, Kia customers express their concerns over unresponsive steering systems, hesitating or lagging engines, and other powertrain problems. Many customers have yet to receive a clear explanation for these persistent issues.

According to the owner of a 2019 Kia Rio, the vehicle has hesitated multiple times when the driver attempts to accelerate from a stop. When the owner took the vehicle to the dealership, no problem could be identified. However, the driver said that the issue continues to occur, especially when accelerating from a complete stop. Other Kia drivers complain that the car drifts all over the road or pulls significantly to the left, forcing the driver to overcorrect their steering most of the time. As Kia customers await answers and solutions to these persistent problems, they also express concern over driver and passenger safety risks associated with these issues.

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