2017-2019 Toyota Camry Engine Malfunctions

Toyota customers are sounding the alarm over serious engine defects in their 2017-2019 Toyota Camry vehicles. From stalling engines to engines that shake and shudder while traveling at high speeds, drivers fear for their safety when behind the wheel. While the manufacturer has issued six recalls impacting these vehicles—one of which pertains to incorrectly-sized pistons that may cause engine failure—many customers continue to experience engine trouble long after receiving the replacement parts.

One owner of a 2019 Toyota Camry stated that their vehicle often has trouble moving between speeds, as if the engine is sputtering and struggling to propel the car forward. Other drivers report that their cars begin shaking severely when traveling at higher speeds, typically between 65 and 75 miles per hour. Several reports of engines stalling in the middle of intersections or while making a turn have also cropped up, with these drivers expressing deep concern for their overall safety. While the manufacturer has acknowledged some of these engine issues, many customers are still left without answers or lasting fixes to these continual problems.

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