2017-2019 Lincoln Navigator SUV Transmission Issues

A number of complaints from those who own or lease a 2017-2019 Lincoln Navigator SUV have emerged in recent years, many of which concern issues with the transmission and engine. Others detail a variety of electrical system malfunctions. So far, a total of four recalls have been issued that affect these vehicles, but many consumers maintain that their transmission issues continue to occur.

One driver of a 2018 Lincoln Navigator SUV claimed that the transmission began experiencing problems soon after it was purchased. According to this consumer’s account, their transmission shifts very hard, emitting a loud clunking noise and shaking when moving between gears. Even after multiple attempts by the dealership to diagnose and address this issue, the problem continues to happen. Other reports of transmission and engine issues have been lodged by concerned drivers, and a significant number of complaints about faulty electrical systems have also been filed. While some of these issues may have ultimately found permanent solutions, many frustrated consumers are still waiting for clear answers and effective repairs.

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