2016 Honda Accord Braking System Failures

In recent years, complaints about the safety of the 2016 Honda Accord have been lodged by concerned customers. The bulk of these safety complaints involve worrisome and persistent braking system failures. Reports of brakes that activate suddenly and without reason and vehicles that veer hard in one direction when the brakes are engaged have arisen, and many customers have not yet received permanent solutions to these recurring issues. The manufacturer has issued two distinct safety recalls affecting this make and model, but neither one addresses the braking system.

One owner of the 2016 Honda Accord reported that they were traveling at 40 miles per hour with their foot on the accelerator. Suddenly, the vehicle came to a screeching halt all on its own, with no reason or warning. The dealership was unable to identify any braking system issues, leaving the driver apprehensive about the overall safety of operating their car. Other customers have described instances where their vehicles pull dramatically to the right when the driver presses the brake pedal, nearly causing collisions on several occasions. For now, these customers continue to wait for clear answers and lasting solutions.

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