2016-2019 Volkswagen Beetle Electrical System Malfunctions

Those who own or lease a 2016-2019 Volkswagen Beetle should know that numerous customer complaints have arisen regarding persistent electrical system issues. While the manufacturer has issued multiple recalls affecting these vehicles, many customers continue to experience recurring electrical system failures. Even after several visits to the dealership, few answers, explanations, or solutions have been found.

One driver of a 2016 Volkswagen Beetle reported that the horn does not function properly, only responding intermittently when pressed. The driver was unable to alert the backing-up vehicle in front of them of their presence, narrowly avoiding a collision. Even though the driver pushed the horn several times, it failed to respond. Other owners have reported electrical system issues ranging from a failure to alert the driver of low tire pressure to a defective ABS harness coming loose and causing several electrical issues. So far, many Volkswagen customers remain without lasting solutions to these persistent issues.

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