2016-2019 Honda HR-V SUV Steering and Vehicle Control Problems

Honda customers should recognize that multiple consumer complaints regarding steering and vehicle control issues in the 2016-2019 Honda HR-V SUV have been reported. Accounts of steering wheels that seize up while the vehicle is in motion and of steering wheels that pull strongly in one direction continue to arise, with affected customers voicing their concerns over the safety of these vehicles.

According to one Honda customer, their new 2017 Honda HR-V SUV began to pull strongly to the left on every road. After two trips to the dealership to address the issue, the driver continued to experience this persistent drifting to the left. If the driver lets go of the steering wheel, it jerks sharply to the left. SImilar complaints continue to be reported, including one from a driver who finds it difficult to keep the vehicle traveling forward in a straight line. Again, the dealership could not detect an issue, leaving the customer without a solution. Other Honda customers have experienced steering wheels that lock up when the brake was applied, making it impossible to control the vehicle. For now, concerned customers are left waiting for the manufacturer to offer fixes for these persistent problems.

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