2016-2019 BMW X1 Impact Absorption Defect

In May of 2019, BMW issued a recall for 2016-2019 BMW X1 vehicles that may have defective structural components. However, many affected customers have not been able to receive the necessary repairs, even a full year after the recall was first issued. Consumer complaints have continued to crop up, detailing how the new parts are either not available or that BMW has failed to respond to consumer questions in a timely manner. In the meantime, drivers are voicing their concerns about driving a vehicle that may put themselves and their passengers at risk.

According to the details of the recall, some of the 2016-2019 BMW X1 vehicles may have B-pillars that do not fully absorb the impact of a passenger whose head makes contact during a crash. Consequently, this defect prevents the vehicle from meeting the basic Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards. Although BMW announced that it would notify owners so that they could take their vehicles to the dealership to receive a replacement B-pillar part, many consumers have stated that the parts have not been available. In most cases, the owner said that they received the notice of the recall, but the manufacturer repeatedly told them that the part was not available and it was unknown when it would arrive. To this day, many BMW drivers are still awaiting a clear and permanent fix to this potentially dangerous defect.

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