2016-2017 BMW I3 5 HB Steering Malfunction

Those who own or lease a 2016-2021 BMW I3 5 HB vehicle should be aware of a high volume of customers reporting safety concerns, primarily regarding steering issues. Although the manufacturer has already issued three safety recalls affecting these vehicles, it has yet to address steering concerns. In the meantime, BMW customers continue to experience persistent steering problems without clear solutions or permanent fixes.

According to one driver of the 2017 BMW I3 5 HB, their car was traveling along a city street and began to pull suddenly and sharply to the left. The driver reported that the steering became very heavy, as if the power steering stopped working. Other drivers have shared similar experiences of steering becoming extremely heavy and challenging to control, while their cars began to drift dramatically to the right or left. So far, the manufacturer has not responded to these reports, leaving many BMW customers without answers or fixes to these steering problems.

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