Toyota Issues Recall for Prius Hybrids in Danger of Losing Power

As a driver, the sudden loss of power can be a harrowing experience. From a vehicle that stalls out in the middle of the road to an increased risk of a crash, power loss could lead to a number of dangerous scenarios. On June 24, 2020, Toyota issued a new recall affecting certain Prius hybrid models over a possible defective failsafe mode that could cause a loss of power. 

Affected Vehicles

According to Toyota, this recent recall affects 2013-2015 Prius and 2014-2017 Prius V hybrid vehicles. This amounts to over 265,000 vehicles in the U.S. and up to 752,000 vehicles worldwide. Toyota indents to formally notify the owners of the affected vehicles by late August.

Understanding the Safety Issue

The hybrid vehicles affected by this recall may fail to enter a failsafe driving mode that’s designed to engage in response to hybrid system faults. When these vehicles do not enter the intended failsafe driving mode, they could lose power or stall. When the stall occurs while the vehicle is traveling at a higher speed, this incident could increase the likelihood of a crash. 

The Proposed Solution

In order to address and fix this issue, Toyota dealers intend to update the vehicle’s hybrid system software at no cost. Additionally, if a driver has also experienced an inverter failure with some hybrid system faults associated with this problem, the dealer can repair or replace the inverter free of charge. Once owners receive word that their vehicle is affected, they can contact their Toyota dealership to bring their vehicle in for the necessary repairs. 


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