The Least Reliable New Cars With the Largest Number of Issues

When you purchase or lease a new vehicle, the last thing you want is to take it repeatedly to the dealership for persistent issues. New cars should be free of significant defects, such as transmission problems, braking issues, and other recurring malfunctions. Whether you have just purchased a new vehicle or you are thinking about buying a car in the near future, here are some of the most unreliable new vehicles on the current market, as determined by polls, reviews, and safety reports.

Chevrolet Camaro

Year after year, the Chevrolet Camaro ranks among the most unreliable vehicles, according to Consumer Reports. The lack of driver visibility and the cheap materials used in the vehicle’s interior contribute to low customer satisfaction. Other complaints include uncomfortable seating, engine issues, and steering problems. Declining sales indicate that the Camaro may be nearing the end of its life cycle.

Nissan Titan

When it comes to pickup trucks, the Nissan Titan ranks pretty low in dependability. The large windshield pillars and expansive hood make it nearly impossible for drivers to determine where the front of the vehicle is located. Complaints about tires that develop cracks in the sidewall and increasing the risk of crashing have been reported, among other safety concerns.

Ford EcoSport

Massive ignition problems have been found in the 2021 Ford EcoSport. If you use the entertainment system for more than two minutes before starting the engine, the ignition could fail. Even after multiple reports of this issue, with no solution in sight. So far, EcoSport owners have filed seven lawsuits against Ford over this issue. Other reliability problems continue to make this model less attractive to consumers.

Subaru Ascent

Although Subaru typically ranks high in vehicle reliability, the 2019 Subaru Ascent was found to have major issues with the transmission, climate system, braking system, and electronic system. While many of these problems were addressed and fixed in the 2020 model, issues with the transmission and power equipment persist.


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