Everything You Need to Know About Auto Safety Recalls in California

Safety Recall Vehicle raised on lift at maintenance station

If you have received an auto safety recall notice about your vehicle and you are struggling to obtain the repairs you need, you may be entitled to receive a replacement vehicle or refund. Contact a dedicated and friendly lemon law attorney to learn more about your options.

Ford Recalled the Most Cars and Trucks in 2022

In 2022 alone, Ford issued 67 safety recalls, many of which were affected by serious issues, like sudden power loss or fire risks. If you receive a recall notice, contact your dealership to arrange a free repair or replacement part.

The Most and Least Reliable Cars in 2022

Consumer Reports recently released its 2022 rankings for the most and least reliable vehicles in 2022. Hybrid vehicles performed well, while electric vehicles and large pickup trucks failed to score well with consumers. Read more about what’s behind these rankings.

What You Need to Know About Auto Recalls in 2022

Whether you are struggling with a persistent problem with your vehicle or you simply want to know more about the recall process, working with a trusted lemon law attorney can give you the answers and clarity you need to move forward.

Ford Recalls Several Vehicles for Fire Risk and Software Issues

Those who own or lease a Ford Expedition, Ford Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle, or Lincoln Navigator should know that new safety recalls have been issued concerning several defects and potential risks. Contact a trusted lemon law attorney to discuss your case.

Dodge and Ram Vehicles Recalled Over Warning Light Defect

Dodge and Ram announced an auto safety recall pertaining to faulty electronic stability control (ESC) warning lights that may fail to illuminate as intended. Affected consumers can expect to be notified in late April or early May of 2022.