2022 Subaru Legacy Windshield and Visibility Defects

If you own or lease a 2022 Subaru Legacy, you should know that many customers have lodged complaints about concerning windshield and visibility issues in this make and model. Numerous reports of windshields cracking for no reason and sudden window delamination have arisen in recent months. So far, the manufacturer has not issued a single […]

2019-2020 Subaru Legacy Windshield and Visibility Defects

Subaru customers should recognize that a number of complaints have arisen in recent months regarding windshield and visibility issues in the 2019 and 2020 Subaru Legacy vehicles. Although the manufacturer has issued three separate safety recalls impacting these vehicles, these recalls do not address these persistent issues. For now, those who drive or lease a […]

2018 Subaru Legacy Electrical Malfunctions

A range of consumer complaints involving the 2018 Subaru Legacy have come to light within the last year, many of which detail a number of problems with the vehicle’s electrical system. While Subaru has already issued two recalls associated with this make and model, many drivers are still waiting for the manufacturer to directly address […]