2017 Kia Forte Steering System Malfunctions

Those who own or lease a 2017 Kia Forte should know that multiple reports of steering system issues have been lodged by other Kia customers. Complaints of steering systems that jerk suddenly and dramatically to the right or left when the vehicles are in motion, steering wheels that lock intermittently and without warning, and concerning […]

2021 Kia Forte Steering Issues

Those who own or lease a 2021 Kia Forte should know that a number of consumer complaints have arisen in recent months, many of which concern steering system issues. Reports of steering wheels that pull heavily to one side and wheels that seem to lock up for no apparent reason have cropped up from Kia […]

2019-2020 Kia Forte Transmission Problems

Transmission issues in the 2019-2020 Kia Forte continue to emerge from concerned consumers. Revving transmissions, stalling engines, and other powertrain failures have all been reported, with some consumers indicating that these issues have occurred more than once. Even trips to the dealer have proven unsuccessful, leaving Kia customers concerned about the vehicle’s safety. One driver […]