2016 Toyota Camry Engine Defects

For people who own or lease a 2016 Toyota Camry should understand that several reports of engine issues have been lodged by Toyota customers expressing concern over their vehicle’s road safety. Reports of engines experiencing excessive leaks, accelerating without warning, or shutting off suddenly while in motion have arisen, with many customers explaining that they […]

2021 Toyota Camry Braking Issues

Over the last few months, several reports about brake system issues in the 2021 Toyota Camry have been lodged by concerned Toyota customers. Reports of Auto Emergency Braking Systems (ABS) failing to function as intended and brake pedals that fail to respond when depressed continue to arise. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet addressed these […]

2017-2019 Toyota Camry Engine Malfunctions

Toyota customers are sounding the alarm over serious engine defects in their 2017-2019 Toyota Camry vehicles. From stalling engines to engines that shake and shudder while traveling at high speeds, drivers fear for their safety when behind the wheel. While the manufacturer has issued six recalls impacting these vehicles—one of which pertains to incorrectly-sized pistons […]