2022 Volkswagen Atlas SUV Persistent Braking Issues

Volkswagen customers should know that reports of persistent braking system issues have been reported by those who own or lease a 2022 Volkswagen Atlas SUV. Affected consumers have experienced loud, grinding, and squeaking brakes, with some stating that their brakes sometimes fail to respond properly. Although the manufacturer has launched six separate safety recalls impacting […]

2021 Volkswagen Atlas SUV Persistent Braking Issues

Within the past few months, many people who own or lease the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas SUV have raised their voices about persistent braking system issues in this vehicle. From brakes that engage unexpectedly to parking brakes that do not function as intended, there are several safety concerns about this vehicle. A whopping thirteen safety recalls […]

2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUV Braking System Issues

For those who own or lease a 2019 Volkswagen Atlas SUV, it’s important to know that a slew of customer complaints have been reported in recent months, most of which concern persistent braking system issues. From brakes that emit loud grinding noises to misfiring autonomous braking systems that threaten driver and passenger safety, customers want […]