2016-2017 Toyota 4Runner SUV Braking System Failures

If you own or lease a 2016-2017 Toyota 4Runner SUV, you should be aware of recent safety concerns regarding braking system failures in these vehicles. Many customers have reported troubling and frustrating issues with the braking system, such as failure in the brake master cylinder and brake pedals that fail to respond when depressed. So […]

2020-2021 Toyota 4Runner SUV Braking Malfunctions

Those who own or lease a 2020 or 2021 Toyota 4Runner SUV should know that a number of customers have lodged complaints about braking system issues. From brakes that emit a loud squealing sound or fail to respond as intended, many Toyota consumers are expressing concern over the safety of these vehicles. So far, the […]

2018-2019 Toyota 4Runner SUV Steering Issues

In recent months, a number of customer complaints have emerged from those who own or lease a 2018-2019 Toyota 4Runner SUV. Although the complaints pertain to several issues, a significant portion of them detail persistent problems with the steering system. From wobbly and shaky steering columns to steering systems that veer hazardously to the left […]