Honda Recalls 725k Vehicles Over Hood Safety Issue

In early December 2021, Honda announced a safety recall affecting approximately 724,826 vehicles suffering from a hood-related defect. Faulty hood latches make certain Honda vehicles more prone to hoods that open while driving, obscuring the driver’s view and presenting a substantial safety risk to vehicle occupants and others on the road. Here’s what Honda customers need to know about this safety recall and what steps they can take to obtain the recommended repair.

Understanding the Hood Latch Issue

When describing the safety issue, Honda stated that the gap between the closed hood of a car or SUV and the upper grille might be “too large to allow full contact” between the rubber seal and the hood. As a result, the rubber seal cannot work as intended to reduce vibration, causing the hood to move and rattle more than usual. Gradually, the hood striker and the hood itself could sustain damage, leading to the hood popping open when the vehicle is in motion. Although Honda has not been made aware of any injuries or accidents related to this problem, the manufacturer is issuing the safety recall in an abundance of caution.

Affected Makes and Models

Included in this recall are the 2016-2019 Honda Pilot (557,309 total vehicles), the 2017-2020 Honda Ridgeline (148,813 vehicles), and the 2019 Honda Passport (18,704 vehicles). While Honda acknowledged that it launched a technical service bulletin pertaining to this defective hood issue in 2017, it did not confirm the cause until 2021. Since discovering this problem, Honda has adjusted production settings to reduce the gap between the hood and the grille seal. This recall applies to vehicles manufactured before these adjustments were implemented.

Next Steps for Honda Customers

Owners of Honda vehicles impacted by this safety recall will be notified beginning in January. Once a customer has received a notification, they can take their vehicle to the dealership for inspection at no cost to the consumer. The dealer will check and reinforce the hood striker area, replacing the entire hood if necessary. In the meantime, Honda customers should be aware of this potential issue and continue to drive their vehicles with caution and care until they have obtained the necessary repair.


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