Ford Issues Airbag Recall Affecting 3 Million Vehicles

In late January 2021, Ford announced a safety recall affecting approximately 3 million vehicles throughout the U.S. and Canada. This marks the latest development in the Takata airbag recall that began in 2014, as the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) rejected Ford’s claim that the airbags in their vehicles did not need to be replaced.

A Brief History of the Takata Airbag Recall

As early as 2014, recalls involving a defective airbag made by Japanese manufacturer Takata began to emerge. The defective bags had a faulty inflator that caused several airbags to explode and shoot shrapnel throughout the vehicle upon deployment. These incidents led to 18 deaths and over 400 injuries, many of which were severe. Since the first recall was announced, the U.S. has recalled 67 million airbags in over 40 million vehicles.

Ford Pushes Back

Ford initially attempted to remove themselves from these recall efforts, claiming that the Takata airbags in their vehicles were different from those posing the safety risks. However, safety regulators found that these airbags still jeopardized the safety of vehicle occupants. Other companies, including General Motors and Mazda, also attempted to appeal these recall efforts, but the NHTSA has since rejected them. In late January, NHTSA officially denied Ford’s appeal.

Ford Models Affected by the Airbag Recall

The Takata airbag recall will affect the following Ford vehicles: the 2007-2011 Ford Ranger; the 2006-2012 Ford Fusion; the 2006-2012 Lincoln Zephyr; the 2007-2010 Ford Edge; and the 2007-2010 Lincoln MKX. Owners affected by the recall will receive notification in the upcoming months. They can contact their dealership to schedule an appointment in order to receive the replacement part.


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