Defective New RVs, Travel Trailers & Motorcycles in California

Defective New RVs, Travel Trailers and Motorcycles

Buying a new car or truck is exhilarating. That new car smell, the knowledge of being the first-ever owner, and the excitement of cruising down the road in your new vehicle are unrivaled. Having to fix a major defect shortly after you drive off the lot isn’t something you deserve, but it does happen occasionally. These defective new trucks and cars are called “lemons.” Fortunately, consumers across America have legal protections under what’s known as lemon laws. In California, buyers are entitled to a replacement or refund of the defective vehicle under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.

There is something exhilarating about the call of the open road. The sense of adventure. An opportunity to see new places and meet new people. Perhaps you’ve dreamt about owning your own motorcycle, RV or travel trailer for years, and now you’ve finally fulfilled your dream. But discovering a serious defect with your new vehicle can throw a wrench in the whole plan.

If your brand new 2016-2023 RV, travel trailer or motorcycle is spending more time in the repair shop than with you on your journey, you may have a lemon on your hands. Luckily, the California Lemon Law is in place to protect you and get you on track to wherever your road may lead.

New RV, Travel Trailer and Motorcycle Problems Covered Under California Lemon Laws

New motorcycles, RVs and travel trailers can have many of the same issues that spring up in cars or trucks, but can also have additional issues based on how they are meant to be used. Purchasing one of these vehicles is an investment like anything else – even more so due to the additional costs of maintenance and repair should something go wrong.

Common Problems with New Motorcycles We Have Seen Include:

  • Brake malfunction
  • Acceleration malfunction and/or loss of power
  • Engine malfunction and/or engine failure
  • Steering problems
  • Fuel pump defects
  • Transmission defects

Some of the Issues We’ve Seen with RVs, Motor homes and Travel Trailers Include:

  • Water leaks
  • Poor caulking
  • Poor weatherproofing
  • Power failures and malfunctioning electrical systems
  • Failure of power slider activation, either extending or retracting
  • Defective septic systems
  • Substandard assembly/poor workmanship

These are just a few of the problems that can crop up in a new recreational vehicle. Dealing with the dealership or manufacturer can be an even bigger hassle, as too often they refuse to take responsibility for the defect or will offer you less than you paid originally. You have rights under the California Lemon Law, and a skilled lawyer can help you exercise them. Lemon Law Partners, LLP has handled a multitude of lemon cases in California, and we can help with yours too.

The Lemon Law Claim Process in California

When you purchase a new travel trailer, motorcycle or RV and later discover a serious defect, you should give the manufacturer or its certified dealership a chance to either repair the defect or replace or repurchase the vehicle. In California, typically at least four “reasonable” repair attempts should be made by the manufacturer, or as few as two if the issue jeopardizes safety. These repairs do not need to be made in a shop, so long as the manufacturer authorized repair agent performs it. If the problem persists and the manufacturer refuses to take any further steps, calling a lemon lawyer should be your next step. A good attorney, like the ones at Lemon Law Partners, LLP, will deal with the manufacturer and advise you on the best way to handle the situation. If you’re struggling with issues related to a defect with your new RV, travel trailer or motorcycle, call the Lemon Law Partners, LLP.

We Aren’t Paid Unless We Win Your Case

Under the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, buyers are entitled to a full refund or replacement of the defective vehicle. But that’s not all – when you win your case against the manufacturer, not only will you be relieved of your aggravating, potentially dangerous lemon, but you won’t have to worry about attorneys’ fees, either. Those are also paid by the manufacturer as part of the settlement or resolution. At Lemon Law Partners, LLP, we offer free case evaluations, so there’s no risk in seeking counsel regarding your California lemon purchase.

Anthony was a godsend to us during a tough time. He handled our case with serious smarts and strategy and won us justice in the end. He was also very reassuring and supportive during a difficult time, and we’re grateful for his help.

– Erin (Avvo)

Call Lemon Law Partners, LLP Now to Get Started

For years, the skilled and dedicated lawyers at Lemon Law Partners, LLP have helped clients find relief for their defective new vehicle. Attorneys Anthony J. Sperber and Arthur J. Obolsky handle each case on an individual basis, and take a personal pride in helping all clients deal with their unique situation. When you call Lemon Law Partners, LLP, you’re getting the qualified representation of a large law firm with the personal touch of a smaller boutique firm. And remember – the manufacturer pays our fees if we win. Our clients do not pay anything. Call now for a free case evaluation!

If you purchased a new RV, travel trailer or motorcycle and are having recurring problems stemming from a defect, Lemon Law Partners, LLP can help. Call our skilled and dedicated California lemon law attorneys at (510) 944-0336, or stop by our office in Berkeley.

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